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What people know as Melchizedek (Malachi-Ezedike)priest was the Adama Priesthood whose Chief Priest ranged from Adam (Adama), Enoch(Enuka), Methuselah (Emetoziala), Lamek (Lemechi), and Noah (Nochie) before it came down to Shem (Chima) who is Melchizedek). It was later known as Melchizedek priesthood because it was under Shem (Chima)that the priesthood was perfected.

Igbo language is older than the the universe. It is the original Hebrew language that God spoke and taught Adam and Eve to speak.

The Jews (IN THE LAND OF ISREAL CREATED IN 1948) do not speak the original Hebrew

And no Jewish person, even those in Israel can tell you the meanings of the names in the Bible.

Igbo language is the only language that can do that. For example, the Jewish greeting “Shalom” does not mean “peace” and no Jew can prove it. Another thing, it is insult to use the word Jew to refer to the entire tribes of Israel.

Do you know that the majority of Jewish people, have European surnames or names?, Arabs have Arab surnames and the Igbos (Hebrews) have authentic Hebrew names. I bet you don’t know this either. That is, the fact that the group known as Jews today at Middle east, do not know, speak, or understand the true Hebrew(igbo) language.

But you, the Igbos, speak the true Hebrew – the language of God Himself. I challenge even the most knowledgeable among the Jewish Rabbis and scholars to refute what I am saying. It is a pity that the Igbo who are neck deep into Christianity, say their own language when praising God without knowing it. For example, when you say “Jehovah Tsidkenu” which they told you means “Jehovah my righteousnes”, is actually pure Hebrew and it should be “Jehovah Chikaenu”. I know that due to mental slavery, we have problem believing one another, but anyone who doubts me should ask people who know Ora-Ivite in Ana-edo how they pronounce Chi and they will tell you, Tsi.


The Jewish people say that Adonai means Lord but this is have the meaning because “Ado” is Lord and “nai” is “Nnayi” is our father, meaning “Lord our Father”. In the same way, “Adonenu” is “Lord in Heaven”. I don’t expect any Jew to question what I am saying because I can go further to show the individual that Jewish people do not speak the true Hebrew(igbo ) language.

Do you know that its, It is a sacrilegious blunder for an Israelite to say "Shalom" to one who is not a descendant of Jacob.

Igbo language is the only means to recover human lost history. For example, no one will know the meaning of "manna" without Igbo language.

Igboland in Nigeria is the root of all Semitic religions and all of the names of these religions has meaning only in Igbo language alone.

Far-Eas religions as Hindu,Shinto, & Buddhism, for esamp were established by early Igbo settlers. Igbo shrines are found in such lands.

Original Hebrew language and culture is above western scholarship. What people study in colleges..

over 90% of the meanings assigned to Hebrew names and titles of God in the sacred texts are wrong

Igbo culture is rooted in the original spirituality or the culture of peace and righteousness.

Elohim (El ohim or Elu ohimiri- above the divine waters) is not God but is the title of Shekinah (Chi ke nna-Spirit

Jewish words like Bereshit, Brit, & Beth are not Hebrew words and so have no meaning whatsoever in Hebrew

The word for peace in Hebrew is "udo' and this word "udo" can be seen appended to the first letter of JHVH as "Yud."

Jewish, Christian and Islamic leaderships would not know much about Hebrews because their collective knowledge of Hebrews ends with Abraham.

the word Hebrew is the anglicized form of the Igbo (Ibo, Ebo, Heebo, Hiburu).

Igbo language which is the original Hebrew is found in most languages on earth and broken English or slang is not the same as true English language.The language which they call modern Hebrew that.

If the Jewish people speak the true Hebrew, how come they do not understand the meaning of the names in the Bible?.

It is shocking how the world has accepted the wrong meanings given to the Hebrew names in the Bible as true

No God-fearing Jew or Christian can say without guilt that the language spoken in Israel and studied in colleges is the true igbo( hebrew language. they lied against God .

That Abraham is a Hebrew shows that he is not an European for his culture, language, and original spirituality is found only in black africa.

The origin of Abraham's ancestors is hidden in the meaning of the term "Ur of Chaldim" for they are not indigenous to Mesopotamia.

The word "Hebrew" means ancient people, and ancient language in relation to language. They are the people established by God Isiah 44:7

So, Abraham paid tithe (Ihu) to the oldest patriarch and high priest of the Hebrew race, for no Gentile is ever priest of God, Most High.

The Amorite priestly lineage from which Abraham descended is Umudiana (Midian) and his great ancestor is Shem (Chima) - alias Melchizedek.

The language and culture of Kabala and Nag Hammadi tractates requires a good knowledge of the culture and language for proper understanding.

It is impossible for a non-Hebrew to get a good grasp of the scriptures of Kabala and Nag Hammadi tractates because of Igbo lang & culture.

Both the Jewish and Christian exegesis on the sons of Seth, the people of highest spiritual quality among men, depict them as black people.

Many people may not accept the fact that Abraham, a descendant of Seth, is a black man but I traced him to Igboland, Nigeria

It is impossible to get the true understanding of Kabala or the Bible without a good knowledge of Igbo language and its culture.

Take for example, the word Shalom does not mean peace; It means "God of the good land" same as Chaldim in Mesopotamia.

Since Abraham and Ham derive from the same root language, can we then say that Abraham means FATHER OF BLACKS if we accept Ham means black.

Bible scholars teach that Abraham means FATHER OF MANY NATIONS AND HAM MEANS BLACK. Neither the name Ham or Abraham means what they say.

The language and culture of Igbo people of Nigeria is the only language and culture through which mysteries of human past can be recovered.

What culture would remove the words mother & father from the family except a Gentile culture?Thank God for the blessing of Hebrew scriptures.European culture is exact opposite of Hebrew culture. France proved it by removing God their family.

The names of people and titles of God in the Bible are all Igbo names, and this proves that the authors of the Sacred Scriptures are Igbo.

Most of the ancient cities and peoples of Asia Minor are found mostly in the Igboland of Nigeria, and the rest of West African nations.

Like Judaism, far Eastern religions like Hindu, Shinto, and Buddha all developed from the Original spirituality of Igboland, Nigeria.

The language spoken in Israel and the one studied in colleges are not true Hebrew and cannot give the world the meaning of the titles of God

No Jew, Christian, or Moslem can tell the world the meaning of the word "Sabbath." It is original Igbo (Hebrew) & language of aloma people.

Why is it that this western civilization is bent on promoting lies, deception, & confusion of facts? Only the necessary truth can bring peace to us.

The words "Islam", "Mohammad", and Muslim/Moslem are not Arabic words. They are pure Igbo (Hebrew) words, and no Arab knows their meanings.

The Igbo (Hebrews) are relatives or children of God from among whom God chose Abraham to establish the lineage of the chosen people, Israel.

Adama Priesthood of the Most High God is what is known to non-Hebrews as Priesthood of Melchizedek. There is Adama Shrine in Igboland, Nigeria.

Abraham is of Umudiana (Midian) lineage of the Amorites, same as Melchizedek (Shem) and Jethro (Reuel) both are Adama priests of Most High.

Igbo language is invaluable to the world. For example, not even the Arabs know the meaning of the word Kaaba because it is original Hebrew.

The evidence of the Hebrew culture and its language found only in Igboland (Hebrew land), Nigeria attest to the validity of the Holy Bible.

There are Udo Shrines all over Anambra State, Nigeria & there is one in Japan and in Honduras erected by early Igbo settlers of these lands.

The word for peace in original Hebrew (Igbo) is "udo". The Hebrew deity of peace is also called "Udo," when pronounced with a high pitch.

Shalom is a memorial greeting in honor of God of good land for all lands where the Hebrew lived including the "Pleroma" is titled good land.

The only Adama Priesthood (Priesthood of Melchizedek) and Adama Shrine are found only in Igboland of Nigeria and nowhere else in the world.

When I say that neither the word "Shalom" nor "Salam" means peace, I mean no disrespect. Both words are pure Igbo words (original Hebrew).

The word "Abraham" does not mean "father of many nations." Rather, it means "He who comes as a witness." The Hebrew rendering is Abiama.

Only that necessary truth can nullify the difference b/w the Hebrew and the Gentile for the aim of God to unify his children into one body.

First word God spoke before creation is Tsimzom. It means "hide me, my Spirit". Only Igbo can give the correct meaning of ancient words.

All ancient peoples of the Bible like Amorites, Hettites, Hivites, Hamathites, and Jebusites can be traced to Nigeria today along Israelites.

Far-Eas religions as Hindu,Shinto, & Buddhism, for esamp were established by early Igbo settlers. Igbo shrines are found in such lands

Igboland in Nigeria is the root of all Semitic religions and all of the names of these religions has meaning only in Igbo language alone.

Abraham’s maternal grandfather’s name is “Kanu Ebo”, a pure and unadulterated Igbo (Hebrew) name that may Igbo citizens of today are named after. This is truly, the end times, for the truth are coming out as never before.

To belittle Africa, European perverts of the truth want the world to believe that the ancient people of the Asia Minor that flocked to Sub-Saharan Africa are extinct, but I can assure anyone, “none of these peoples are extinct”. Just look harder in Africa,

Igboland has more people and towns named after the towns and cities of ancient Israel, even more than the State of Israel today – I mean with the biblical verses to support the evidence. Regardless, the entire Southern Nigeria was the ancient origin of the Hebrews and this can be stretch to way, way back in human history when there was no human being with white skin on earth. Hence, Igboland not only validates the Bible Scriptures, it also validates the prophecies of the dispersal of Israel and who are truly, the Children of Israel. Not only that, there are other Children of Israel scattered all over Nigeria and other sub-Saharan Afrcan nations.

Aum and Om are the exact two sacred words that all the heavenly hosts greet Chukwunna (God Almighty Father) and Ibenne (Mother of all).

Southern Nigeria was occupied by the Igbo before, Oduduwa, the Arabian Kushite, showed up to colonize them as Yoruba today. So, there were many migrations from Yoruba to the eastern Igbo land and that may include the Ephraimites of Ondo. But there are still many Israelite clans and Igbo enclaves in many parts of Yoruba to this day

Finally, the language studied in colleges and universities around the world today i repeat is not Hebrew. It is at best a generic or Jewish language but not “HEBREW”. then where did the Jewish authorities learn the language they established as Hebrew in the colleges and universities around the world. I am sure that they did not learn this language in Europe where they majority of the Jews today come from. And another thing, the Hebrew alphabet that they have today is modified to allow for aryan phonetics and pronunciations.

In the entire world today, the true Hebrew is spoken only in the Igboland of Nigeria today. . The Jews today do not know, speak, or understand the true Hebrew language, For if they did, they will not allow many scholars around the world to be telling people the meanings of Hebrew words that are completely wrong. They would know that all the renowned world religions like Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Shinto, and Budha are all versions of the original spirituality of the Primordial Igbo way of life. They would know the true meaning of Kaballah or Kabbah. These words are decapitated Hebrew in written form. I bless the “Name” Chi-jire, the Holy one of Israel.

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