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We will continue with our research, on finding out Igbo nation ancient footprints in the ancient world. This may sound untrue but it's factual, that when you visit so many countries, cities, and towns in the world, you will discover many places retaining names that only have their true meaning in igbo language. Just like in the bible , you wil find out also , that there is similarity between the igbo language spoken in Eastern part of Nigeria today, ( IGBOLAND)and that of the ancient hebrew in the bible.

However some nations and towns around the world today still bear igbo (hebrew) names, but the citizens of those lands do not know the origin or meaning of the names.

in south America, for example,we have such place names as Chilè (“God be the judge”),Paraguay (Oparaoguayi–“our first born of the god of justified war”),and Uruguay(Uru aguayi–“our domain / home of tiger”).

In Pakistan,we have the city of Karachi(“related it to God”);and in India we have,among many,the cities of Chima( Shem–“God knows”), Mumbai(Umumba–“children of strangers / foreigners”),and Chennai (Chinnayi–“God of our Fathers”).

In Japan we have Ehime (“laying or starting from a foundation”),Udo Shrine (“the Hebrew chief deity of peace”),Obi Castle(‘Royal palace / temple”),and Edo Castle.In the former Soviet Republics,we have Chechnya (Chicheana–“God guard the land / earth”);

in the great United States,we have the cities of Atlanta(Ataalanta–“the great smalll and”)and Chicago(Chikaego–“God is greater than money”).And then there is China(Chinna),which means“God the Father”.

Few,if any ,among the scholars of today have any idea that the major religions of the world such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hindu/Shinto, Buddhism, and other religions of the Far East,evolved from the Original Spirituality of Igboland.

The evidence is language.All the names of these religious faiths are pure Igbo words and have their meanings only in Igbo language.Except for the Arabs and some Jews who may know the meanings of Judaism and Islam,respectively,followers of the other faiths would not know the meaning of the name of their own religion.

Forexample,Judaism derives from Judah(Ida),and etymologically it means,“to fall”.Iam not sure that Jews of today,and certainly not Christians,know this meaning.The word“Islam”derives from the Igbo word“Isialam”,which means,“I bow my head to the ground in submission,”as in the Moslem“Sala”(Isialaor“to bow down”).The Moslem“Sala”is the equivalent of the Jewish and Christian“Selah”(Isialaor“I bow down”),which the Jews and Christians encounter,in some biblical verses.

Christianity derives from“Christ”and translates to“Chi”(god/spirit or “divine principle”).Only a few Jewish and Christian scholars would know this meaning.

The meanings of“Hindu”and“Shinto,”when properly rendered in Igbo language as“Chindu,”translateto“God of life”. And the meaning of Buddha,when properly rendered in Igbo as“Obudioha,”translates to“the royal one or temple of the Lord of all people”.As one can see,all I had to do to affect these words is insert the missing vowels in the appropriate places within the word structure.

Just as Custance correctly stated,these names of nations,cities,towns,castles/temples,and shrines have meanings only in the Edenic language(Igbo/Hebrew)and not in any other language on earth.And this goes much deeper because when Judaism and Christianity teach that“El”means“God”or that“Elohim”means“gods,”they are misleading people because they have not learned the truth.

culled from: before the convenant; by Eguene Akannam

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