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The hate and killing of the igbos did not start today. historically igbos have continued to bear the sorrow of the world. the have always being killed by other nations who hate them due to the culture of life they exhibit on earth.
Infact, the Russian word pogrom (Russian: погро́м; Igbo language: a pa ọgụ ruo ama, meaning ‘brought war to the settlement’) describes wars of massacre brought to settlements to kill all including women and children of the Igbos of Russia. All the black Igbo Jews were killed or expelled, the remaining Jewish converts and their descendants who were white would turn victims later. The Jews of the present-day state of Israel are descendants of converts to the Jewish faith andsome may have been descendants of Igbos through inter-marriages.
They first lived in Khazaria among the Igbos and got converted to the Jewish faith. However, for historical accuracy, I have underlined ‘race’ in the definition used for anti-Semitism until recent changes, because it focused attention to the fact that, at first it was the black Jews that were persecuted and massacred in Europe,
America, and Asia, not people of European descent. This fact is not contested by Western historians.

The pogroms of Igbos in Africa, Europe, Asia and America, led God to ask them to return to the Promised Land, Canaan (Igbo language: Oke Nna, meaning ‘allotment of the Father’) in Igbo land.The differences between Igbo returnees during the crisis (osu agha) and those who settled (diala) at an earlier time led to, the so-called caste system in Igbo land. There is no diabolical implication. The returnees were at first welcomed and answered names with prefix: osu-ji, osu-ala, osu-agwu etc to designated that they were returnee agronomists, surveyors, doctors etc. Their services were highly priced because of the innovation they brought. As land became scarce, a dichotomy developed between the older returnees and the newer ones, hence, the so-called caste system.
There are several recorded historical extreme instances of persecution of black Igbo Jews of which I will mention just a few: Exodus of Igbo Hebrews from Egypt in the 1200s BC.Genocide and exodus of Igbos from Tunisia and Libya called ancient Carthage in 480 BC. Genocide and expulsion of Igbos by Romans from Central Italy (Igbo language: itili, meaning ‘black’), called Etruria (Igbo language: itiri ọra, meaning ‘black people’) of the people called Etruscans (Igbo language: itiri isi oke ana, meaning ‘the great land of people of ‘dark hair’) in 474BC.
Genocide of Igbos of Meso-America and North America called the Olmecs (Igbo language: Olu e mekọ ọsa meaning ‘people of a common language’) in the 400s BC.
Genocide and expulsion of Ancient Igbo Greeks called Lamnian (Igbo language: ilo ama ani, meaning ‘frontier settlement lands’) by the Greek tyrant Dionysius of Syracuse now called Sicily in 384 BC.
Pogroms (Russian: погро́м; Igbo language: a pa ọgụ ruo ama, meaning ‘brought war to the settlement’) which preceded the First Crusade in AD 1096.
Expulsion of Igbos from England (Igbo language: nga ala n’ide, meaning, ‘the isolated land at the waterside’, nga, means ‘detention or isolation’; ngala, means ‘proud’ which is mistakenly used to characterize the people), Scotland (Igbo language: esekọta ala n’ide, meaning, ‘the united lands at
the waterside’), Ireland (Igbo language: ire ala n’ide, meaning, ‘the tongue-shaped land at the waterside’, because the map of Ireland is tongue-shaped’), Wales (Igbo language: ọwa ala ose, meaning, ‘the channel lands of the waterfront’) in AD 1290.

Massacres of Spanish Igbo Jews in 1391 AD. Persecutions of the Spanish Inquisition and Black Legend. Expulsion of Igbos of Iberia, (Igbo language: Igbo Orie, meaning ‘mediators of the Almighty’) from Spain in AD 1492.

Massacre of Igbo Cossacks in Ukraine and Abkhazia (Georgian: აფხაზეთის სამეფო;
Aphkhazetis Samepo; Igbo language: Aba aka a hazii, meaning ‘the kindred that was arranged’). Massive Pogroms (Russian: погро́м; Igbo language: a pa ọgụ ruo ama, meaning ‘brought war to the settlement’) of Igbo Russians AD 1791-1835.
Holocaust of the remnant of Igbo Jews in the Soviet era by the communists.Arabic Massacre and exodus of Igbo Jews from the Middle East and Islamic countries.
Pogroms (Russian: погро́м; Igbo language: a pa ọgụ ruo ama, meaning ‘brought war to the settlement’) of Igbos in Northern Nigeria in the 1960s, 1970, 1990s, 2012, 2013, including, Igbo massacres in Kano in 1980, Maiduguri in 1982, Yola in 1984, Gombe in 1985, Kaduna in 1986, Bauchi in 1991, Funtua in 1993, Kano in 1994, Damboa in 2000, Apo 6 massacre in 2005, Boko Haram massacre in 2012.Genocide of Igbos during the Biafran-Nigerian War 1966-1970, with no humanitarian intervention by major powers Great Britain, USA, and Russia.

Modern Western historians do not make reference to black Igbo Africans massacred when they talk about the Spanish Inquisition and Black Legend, for political correctness. It is historically accurate to assert this truth about the Spanish imperial power that massacred the remnant Igbos of Iberia (Igbo language: Igbo Orie meaning, ‘mediators of the Almighty’), and the Igbos of Meso-America who they
fought for several years and eventually conquered.

The war against Igbos of America called the Olmecs was what spurred the voyage of Columbus in AD 1492. The effort has focused on erasing the legacy of Iberia (Igbo language: Igbo Orie meaning,‘mediators of the Almighty’), who invented and developed all aspects of human civilization and replacing it with the Anglo-Saxon model. The result is that several centuries later, we are at a cross
roads of total stagnation in human civilization, which has not attained the advancement our great forefathers knew in Ancient Egypt (also Mizraim, Masr, Misraim, Mitzraim, Hebrew: / מִצְרַיִםמִצְרָיִם , Tiberian: Mi rāyim / Mi ráyim ; cf. Arabic: مصر , Mi r; Igbo language: mị zara Ya ama, meaning ‘I answered God at the Church’; Greek: Aígyptos; Igbo language: A gọ Ya, a pa atụ Ose, meaning ‘prays to God and takes advice from the Almighty God’; Egypt; Igbo language: A gọ Ya, a pa atụ, meaning ‘pray to God and take advice’; Egyptian Amarna: Hikuptah; Igbo language: họọ ke a pa atụ Iho, meaning ‘chosen as the one who takes advice of the Divine Light’; Egyptian: Hwt-ka-Ptah; Igbo language: họwụtaa ke a pa atụ Iho, meaning ‘chosen as the one who takes advice of the Divine Light’).

The hegemony of neo-paganistic Western secularism has been a time travel backwards, being able to only copy what theoretical and practical development that could be stolen from the past,leaving out the great wisdom of the ancient times in Igbo Egypt. I will unlock some of the many
examples, of the writings, and technology known as far back as 2000 BC to demonstrate to the reader
how backward we have gone. The fact is that all what is given to humanity for development as a Gift of God must come through His Chosen People. Outside this realm is all death and destruction. The satanic hold is to exterminate these Chosen People of God and extinguish the light that leads human thought process towards God and human civilization.
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