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The world powers—Great Britain, America, Russia and others—spearheaded the invention of modern State of Israel comprising mainly of European and Turkic people, who their ancestors were Jewish religious converts but not Ancient Israelites or Jews referred to in the Holy Scriptures. This is a fact that has been both historically and genetically confirmed! The only group of people with the genetic match of Eve genes of Ancient Israel are the Igbos in Igbo land or in the Diaspora with dominant L1c genes! The map of the twelve tribes of Ancient Israel is in present day igboland: The present Israelites in the Middle east are Europeans.

There has been a concerted effort to eclipse and cover-up the real history of authentic Ancient Israelite which is the IGBOs in Nigeria and in diaspora.It is puzzling how this came to be in Europe that many people perceived to be white Europeans are actually of Igbo extraction.

During the time when Igbos lived and ruled the whole of Europe they dominated the political, social, scientific, cultural, and religious life. The white Europeans were among the people ruled by Igbo emperors and kings. While the population of whites increased in number geometrically, there was a decline in the number of the ruling elite Igbos much in the same reverse order as in the present. However, the Igbo rulers quite unlike the Europeans of today would not impose contraception and abortion on the white population because it would violate the Igbo pro-life culture.

They sought for a solution, that will allow intermarriages between Igbos and whites, so a new population of mixed-race people were born and were called o yii Igbo, meaning ‘they look like Igbos’, which to this day is incorrectly called oyibo. The oyii Igbo people formed large populations of people in bavaria. They share in cultural dressing, food, and festivities the same traits with Igbos of today.Even when the males look completely white from inter-marriages, the genetic markers are identical with their Igbo forefathers.

The Igbo word for ‘white man colonizer’ is ‘bịa i ke’ meaning ‘they came to divide’, however, was corrupted to be called bekee. Some authors have incorrectly said that, it was the name of the English explorer Dr William Baikie. The difference between ‘oyibo’ (Igbo language: o yii Igbo, meaning ‘looks like Igbos’) and ‘bekee’ is of utmost importance, because the ‘oyibo whites’ have a predisposition to promoting racial harmony and religious freedom. The ‘bekee’ is perceived in the converse, to pursue eugenic racial discrimination, plundering and promoting outright extermination of other people of other races. It is this class of people that promote neo-paganistic Western secularism.
The issue for us is not racial but ideological. We will underscore the genes because ‘genes’ guide ‘behaviour’, which is why God called Abraham (Igbo language: Abụrụ ọha m, meaning ‘the genealogy of My people’).


1. Syria (Arabic: / ALA-LC: Sūriyā, or / Sūrīyah; Igbo language: ose iru iyi, meaning ‘beach on waterfront of the Mediterranean Sea),

2. Lebanon, and Palestine in ancient times and founded the Ugaritian Empire. The place Ugarit (Ugaritic: Ugrt; Arabic: Igbo language: ụgụrụ otu, meaning ‘cold dry dusty port city’) was an ancient port city on the
eastern Mediterranean at the Ras Shamra headland some 11 kilometres (7 miles) north of Latakia in,

3. northern Syria (Arabic: / ALA-LC: Sūriyā, or / Sūrīyah; Igbo language: ose iru iyi,meaning ‘beach on waterfront’, of the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Israel and Palestine (Hebrew: Peleshet; Hieroglyphs: P-r-s-t; Igbo language: pụụ ilo ose otu ana meaning ‘leads to the way to the beach on the waterside land’; pụụ ilo ose ihu otu, meaning ‘leads to the way to the sea waterside front’; pụụ iru ose otu, meaning ‘leads to the front of the sea
waterside’) to their separate independent states in the same area that belonged to our Igbo forefathers, before they came down to the Promised Igbo Land,

5. Ancient Egypt (also called Mizraim, Tiberian: Mi rāyim / Mi ráyim , = Igbo language: mị zara Ya ama, meaning ‘I answered God at the Church’.

6. Greek: Aígyptos; Igbo language: A gọ Ya, a pa atụ Ose, meaning ‘prays to God and takes advice from the Almighty God’. Egypt; Igbo language: A gọ Ya, a pa atụ, meaning ‘pray to God and take advice’.

7. Igbos Romans from Central Italy (Igbo language: itili, meaning ‘black’), called Etruria (Igbo language: itiri ọra, meaning ‘black people’) of the people called Etruscans (Igbo language: itiri isi oke ana, meaning ‘the great land of people of ‘dark hair’)

8. Igbos of Meso-America and North America called the OLMECS (Igbo language: Olu e mekọ ọsa meaning ‘people of a common language’.

9. Ancient Igbo Greeks called Lamnian (Igbo language: ilo ama ani, meaning ‘frontier settlement lands’.

10. Igbos OF England (Igbo language: Nga ala n’ide, meaning, ‘the isolated land at the waterside’, nga, means ‘detention or isolation’; ngala, means ‘proud’ which is mistakenly used to characterize the people),

11. Scotland (Igbo language: esekọta ala n’ide, meaning, ‘the united lands at the waterside’.

12. Ireland (Igbo language: ire ala n’ide, meaning, ‘the tongue-shaped land at the waterside’, because the map of Ireland is tongue-shaped.

13. Wales (Igbo language: ọwa ala ose, meaning, ‘the channel lands of the waterfront.

14. Igbos of Iberia, (Igbo language: Igbo Orie, meaning ‘mediators of the Almighty.

15 . Igbo Cossacks in Ukraine and Abkhazia (Georgian: Aphkhazetis Samepo; Igbo language: Aba aka a hazii, meaning ‘the kindred that was arranged’).

16. Igbo Russian = Igbo language: a pa ọgụ ruo ama, meaning ‘brought war to the settlement’.

17. Igbo people of Ancient Israel = (Igbo language: Ị zara Eli, meaning ‘you answered God’)

18. Ancient Igbo Greeks (Γραϊκή, Graïkē: Igbo language: Ogo rị ike meaning ‘district of a strong people’, the Igbo Greeks).

19. Igbo Ugaritians (Ugaritic: Ugrt; Arabic: ; Igbo language: ụgụrụ otu, meaning ‘cold dry dusty port city’.

20. Igbo Phoenicians (Ancient Egyptian: fenkhu; Greek: Phoiníkē; Latin: Phoenice; Igbo language: ofe anị oke ọhịa, meaning, ‘the land beyond the thick forest’.

21. Igbo Carthaginians (Greek: Karchidóna; Latin: Carthāgo; Berber: Kartajen; Igbo language: ọkara Chi doo ana, meaning, ‘the boundary where God placed [the people] in the land’; ọkara otu ọha gaa, meaning, ‘the boundary area the people moved to’; ọkara otu e jee nọọ, meaning ‘the boundary at the waterside where we settled’.

22. Igbo Bavaria (Igbo language: ebe ive ruu, meaning ‘where the Divine Light reached.

23. Bayern, Igbo language: ebe Ya ruu ana, meaning ‘where Almighty God came down’),

24. France (Igbo language: fere ana ose, meaning ‘gets across the land by the waterside’).

25. Netherlands (Igbo language: ana otu ohere, ala nọ ọdụ ose, meaning ‘land that the waterside is open, land at the shores of the riverside’),

26. Poland (Igbo language: opolo [oporo] ana ide, meaning ‘shrimp land by waterside’).

27. Spain (Hispana; Igbo language: ọha si apa ana, meaning ‘people from the disputed lands’), Italy, Scotland, Ireland, and western parts of Russia.

28 .in south America, Chilè means in igbo language (“God be the judge”),

29. Paraguay means in igbo language (Oparaoguayi ,“our first born of the god of justified war”).

30. Uruguay means in igbo = (Uru aguayi–“our domain / home of tiger”).

31. In Pakistan,we have the city of Karachi(“related it to God”).

32. in India we have,among many,the cities of Chima( Shem–“God knows”),

33. Mumbai(Umumba–“children of strangers / foreigners”),and

34. Chennai (Chinnayi–“God of our Fathers”).

35. In Japan we have Ehime (“laying or starting from a foundation”),Udo Shrine (“the Hebrew chief deity of peace”),Obi Castle(‘Royal palace / temple”),and Edo Castle.

36. In the former Soviet Republics,we have Chechnya (Chicheana–“God guard the land / earth”).

37 in the great United States,we have the cities of Atlanta(Ataalanta–“the great smalll and”) and

38. Chicago(Chikaego–“God is greater than money”).

39. China means in igbo language (Chi nna),which means“God the Father”.

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