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book cover sketch
book cover sketch

The people of the State of Israel Today, were Jewish converts mainly of Khazar, Turkic tribe that originated from the Ancient Kagan Empire. They lived with the people of the Igbo descent mainly of the tribe of Gad of Ancient Israel. The tribe of Gad (Igbo language: Gadụọ, meaning ‘walk to or troop to’) was the only Igbo tribe (also called the Nri people) that remained after the mass exodus, as a tribe in Central Asia in the region of the present State of Georgia, and were the so-called Black of the Kagan Empire.

They and other Igbos living in Asia came under immense persecution and genocide, and departed the area, and finally came back to Igbo land about ninth century AD. They also left behind children from inter-marriages who were whites living alongside the Jewish converts.

These white Khazars claim Jewish ancestry. In other words, some people in present-day Israel of Khazar origin may have the Igbo genetic haplotypes. However, majority are people of European descent and do not have any genetic relationships with Ancient Israel.

The White Kagans, who were the ancestors of the present people that formed the State of Israel, changed their identity to Jewish, because they themselves came under persecution due to their past as the Turkic people of the Kagan Empire that overran Europe. This new Jewish identity meant a new religion, culture, and language.

They adopted the written Hebrew (Igbo language: ọha e bu ụrụ ụwa, meaning ‘the people who bear the wickedness of the World’), scripts of Igbo language, which were consonants and filled the vowels the way they knew how. It was in this manner that modern Hebrew language was developed and a new Jewish people invented.

These facts are not seriously disputed even by Jewish historians, who could be credited as those who first uncovered it in the days before Zionism became a strong political force.

However, the controversies about the Jewish identities of Israel are not of particular interest to me, but the reader can read more about the genetic proofs from an Israeli author, Shlomo Sand, in a book titled The Invention of the Jewish People. Only to say that when all the evidence including genetic, archaeological, linguistic, historical, and others are evaluated, the answer to the question, who are the Ancient Israelites? Is unequivocally the IGBOS of Nigeria!, IGBOS ARE NOT SUB - ISREAL, igbos are the true ancient isreal descendants . and their children all over the world scattered.

Modern realities should not change the facts of history and science. It has been repeatedly shown that, there is no relationship of the present people of Israel to Ancient Israel ( IGBOS) , on the basis of population genetic studies,

What then does this say about the present Holy Land, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, etc.? The simple answer is the present-day Jerusalem and all the other so-called historic holy sites in Israel and Palestine have nothing to do with ‘ancient Jerusalem’ or any other places called the Holy Land. The latter is an archaeologically established fact cited by Shlomo Sand (book: The Invention of the land of Israel: from the Holy land to Homeland, 2013). This ‘hoax’ of history was a creation of the British Empire seeking to distort historical facts to eclipse the Igbo origin of the holy sites and justify dehumanizing colonialism of a great people that civilized the entire humanity.

How could the British justify to themselves the colonization of the Holy People of God and dehumanizing them by slavery,and still say they are Christians? So, some other holy ‘white’ people had to be invented in their place, hence the Jewish converts of Israel were the perfect match! A new home called the ‘Holy Land’ was invented! The forgery was the easiest part, but maintaining steadfastly the ‘lies’ has proven far evermore difficult.

All archaeologists including Israeli scientists after two hundred years of searching have not established a single evidence that links the present-day Jerusalem to Ancient Israel. A few purported findings have been demonstrated to be hoaxes. These facts are recorded in peer-reviewed scientific literature UNCOVERED by researchers.

Igbo people called Jews of ancient times and Igbos of today, and the story of ancient Egypt and ancient Israel. Igbo Chosen People of Israel. They were Chosen for their pro-life culture. This is also a story of the Lost Tribe of Israel. They are Lost (Igbo language: lusa atụ, meaning, ‘to abandon the instructions [of God]’), because they abandoned the instructions of God and do not know to this today who they are. They are not aware that they are the true Israel! Above all it is a story of all of humanity about what it means to have a pro-life culture, and what consequences Vwould follow if we choose a Culture of Death.

However, without conscious awareness of the Igbos themselves since the time of the Babylonian Exile, the Igbo language and history were wiped out. The world continues to keep this hidden secret from them and hence they are ‘Lost’ (Igbo language: lusa atụ meaning, ‘abandoned [God‘s] instructions’). The Lost Tribe of Ancient Israel (Igbo language: Ị zara Eli, meaning ‘you answered God’) are the twelve tribes in Igbo land.

However, the world powers—Great Britain, America, Russia and others—spearheaded the invention of modern State of Israel comprising mainly of European and Turkic people, who their ancestors were Jewish religious converts but not Ancient Israelites or Jews referred to in the Holy Scriptures.

This is a fact that has been both historically and genetically confirmed! The only group of people with the genetic match of Eve genes of Ancient Israel are the Igbos in Igbo land or in the Diaspora with dominant L1c genes!. The present Israelites are Europeans! There has been a concerted effort to eclipse and cover-up the real history of authentic Ancient Israelites of Igbo land.


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