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What you now read is more worth, than any theology studies... The Egyptian`s had their concept`s of the IGBO´s... and they had it from the Atlantean`s (also IGBO`s... the first on this earth)... But the serpent God`s (Anunnaki, the fallen ones) destroyed them... "Sumerian records say that the first God-king of Atlantis was URASH - a Sea-Emperor. We have a river (river-god) in Igboland called Urash. Atlantis was the first world civilization. The Urashi river is densely lined with Wine Palm Trees - the very type whose seeds are being plucked here by angels. The Urash river flows from Orlu (Imo state) through Okija (Anambra state) and joins the Niger. King Urash was an Aborigin, and lived on earth long before the arrival of the Nephilim/Annunaki. My suspicion is that the Palm Tree (Sumerian "Tree of Life"), wch was said to be the First Tree in Eden (see Ralph Ellis: Eden in Egypt), was a metaphor for the Aboriginal Seed of King Uruash, and that his spiritual base is the Urash River. Thus the various species of the Palm Tree frequently celebrated by angels in Sumerian records are all sprouts of the Soul Seed of King Uruash - the First Man to evolve on earth - the Uncreated Aborigine. The Palm Tree is the most sacred and most important tree in Igboland. Its soft shoot (Omu) is considered holy and to harbour the Holy Spirit of God. It is used for spiritual deliverance from every form of evil, and to cordon off bad spirits and negative vibes. We are told in Eri mythology that after the Deluge all vegetation died, and God told Eri (the Atlantean migrant to Igboland - see our new book 'Eden in Sumer on the Niger') to kill and dismember his first son and daughter and plant the parts of their body in the ground. Out of the body parts of the son grew the palm tree and yam.... This is a very deep mystery we should try to understand. As I said somewhere else the Palm Seed is the metaphor for the Divine DNA of the aborigines - the Landlords of the earth - the descendants of the first God-King of Atlantis King Uruash. Yashaya is the incarnation of the Christ. But before he came, Osiris had embodied the same Christ several thousands of years before. Before Osiris there was Bakkhus also called Afra (Bi-Afra means 'Be-Afra - 'Home of Afra'. Those of you belonging to Summit LightHouse probably know tht Afra is one of the Lords they channel). Afra was crucified in Africa by ca. 500,000 BC. (Africa is named after him). He is the Crucified Christ of the Dogon folklore. His was also Bakkus. As Bakkus he was a WINE god (the originator of the Eucharistic Wine). His name is derived from Igbo GBANKWU 'LET the WINE Flow'. He returned as Dionysius/Osiris before the Deluge. After the Deluge he returned again in his male and female aspects to offer himself as food and wine to the Igbo First People because all crops had been buried in the Deluge. This time he returned in the House of Eri and offered himself to be killed for the re-engineering of food-crops (Yam and Cocoyam) as well as the Palm Tree and Palm Wine (the Tree of Life and the Drink of Life) and for Breadfruit/Ukwa. All this is part of Eri mythology of Umueri and Umunri. He came into Eri's house as a Son and Daughter of Eri, though he was the Christ. He ordered Eri to kill him for food to feed his Igbo brethren/children. Before being dismembered and planted in the soil, he/she was scarified in the face with the X-symbol of Orion called ICHI. By tht he/she was re-deified. He actually returned back to life bearing the name IGBO (Yorubas call him 'Obatala Oba Igbo') and brewed the tapped the same palm tree tht came from his body and fed the people with the sacred drink. He got drunk and his junior brother Marduk stole his Ashe and his title of 'World Ruler' (Oduduwa/Onyendu uwa), made war against him and drove him into exile to South America where he inaugurated the Olmec first civilization of the Americas as QuetzalCoatl/Kulkulcan, the feathered Serpent. Osiris has a Twin identity with Thoth. The symbol of Bakkus is the Palm Wine. Bakkus was eventually killed and eaten. So he was also the bread. The symbol of Osiris/Igbo/Obatala is Yam (Bread of Life) and also Palmwine. Yashaya espoused the Bread and the Wine. The real Eucharistic Wine is not the wine of Europe but Palm Wine of Igboland, for Christ is Orion whose original anchor in the world is in Igboland. He is infact Chukwu Abiama. You know also that the Palm Wine is the true Eucharistic Wine of the Self-Sacrificing Christ. The tradition began with the Atlantean/Sumerian Wine God Bakkus (ca. 500,000 BC). The etymology of the word BAKKUS is IGBO "Gbankwu", wch means "Let the PALM WINE Flow"!!!! This tells us that Igbo was the language of Atlantis and was spoken before 500,000 BC! Adam was created ca. 200,000 BC!! Our ancestors surely lived before Adam. We were the people of the First Age of the world. Igbo language was the original language they gave to mankind. It was here in Igboland, Niger Delta and Benue Great Lake (now sunk beneath the earth) tht spoken and written human language was born by the gods of Sirius and Orion star-systems and handed over to cavemen, before the coming of the Anunnaki and their creation of Adam. Infact the oldest city in the world was established by the gods of Sirius and Orion in 450,000 BC in the Great Benue Lake area wch was then further up around Abuja. It was populated by Cavemen (more of Apemen) called Igbo who spoke Igbo and were actually physical emanations of the Star Beings from Orion and Sirius. These were the first humans, who later migrated all over the world by the power of Thought. This is why Igbo is the God Race through wch restoration has ALWAYS come into the world. They are the ONLY race with the traditional power to cleanse Abominations in humanity and the environment. All the Avaters in the world, have come from the Igbo Adama/Atama God Race. Egypt's Father of Gods is called Atum, from Coptic 'Para Atama' (Igbo 'Opara Adama'). Atum is thus Igbo Chukwu Abiama (Ele, Hebrew El). He was the One who incarnated among the recalcitrant Jews to teach them Truth about himself. The Christ is the Exemplar of Unconditional Love (total giving of self) for all men. Everyone is called upon to emulate the Christ in us all. The Christ is the Creative Principle in God. But it is the Uncreated Creator. Nothing created can create another. Thus it is those who are Sprung from the Earth, that are the BODY of Christ. The manifestation of God on earth is in the form of a Black person. Yashaya was an initiate of the ancient mysteries of Egypt (Osirian mysteries). These mysteries were originally honed by a most ancient 'Chaldean' brotherhood that goes all the way back to cavemen era in Igbo land, from there to Atlantis and then to Sumer and Egypt, all of who spoke the original IGBO language of the cavemen. Every mystery tht Yashaya taught and espoused is at home in Igboland - ALL without exception (as demonstrated in my new book - EDEN IN SUMER ON THE NIGER). He was a member of a sacred priesthood that we called Adama (and later ERI/Nri). It was this Great White Brotherhood that visited him in the manger and was there in the grave when he resurrected. Infact the Aramaic word for "Resurrect" is the Igbo word for "Resuscitate". It proves tht Yashaya was resuscitated by a third party who spoke in Igbo language. The word in question is JUTE. In Post-Deluge times this Great White Brotherhood (Igbo/Yoruba/Benin priests always dress in white) was headed by the being called Eri/Obatala in Yoruba/Osiris and Thoth-Hermes in Egypt, whom the Bible calls Melchizedek. (In Igboland he was called ERI BU MMUO - meaning 'Eri is a spirit Being'). This Eri or Melchizedek, who landed in Igboland from the sunken civilization of Atlantis by 11,000 BC, in a celestial Ark after the Deluge, was the person who latter incarnated in Palestine as Yashaya. His mark when he appears to anyone in the spirit, (even as Obatala among the Yoruba) is that he is always in WHITE, old and with long V-shaped white beard. The Cabbala calls him the Ancient of Days. He is the head of the Great WHITE Brotherhood! Yoruba scholars have figured it all out tht Obatala/Orunmila (Eri) was the incarnation of the Son of God on earth. Ifa mythology calls him co-Creator with God, the Son who sits at the right hand of God... They call him OBA IGBO - 'King of Igbos'!!!! But Igbo researchers are too lazy and afraid to look Truth in the face. We are all living in denial inside oyibo churches, clapping like two year olds. Hebrews were native Nigerians. Genesis, Exodus and Kings were events that happened in ancient Niger-Congo. None of those events of the Biblical Books of the Old Testament took place in Palestine, neither was Solomon's Temple built there, wch is why it has never been found. The British Christians have intense knowledge of who the Igbos were before they arrived here. They know that God, Heaven and the angels live in Igboland and that God's most sacred name is IGBO. They know it because they used mystical powers from their secret societies and Cabbala wch they stole from Jerusalem during the Crusade to know us. Their intention of coming here was to derail us with lies, steal our powers from us and prevent us from bringing peace to the world with the great God Chukwu who is our Father. Who then is the devil? They achieved the derailing of Igbo consciousness by telling us that the warrior aspect of Chukwu is the devil. As a result, we now use our own mouths to curse the same Chukwu Abiama tht we are asking for help. This is how the cunnying British made us destroy ourselves and our world (just as Achebe said). They did the same thing to Yorubas. They chose the (same) dwarf god Eshu (Eshi) who wears the Igbo Okpuagu tht Igbo dwarves wear, as the Devil. Why must it be the Eshi tht they call Satan? The answer is tht the white race are descended from the Annunaki while the Blacks are from the Eshi dwarfs, whose genealogical name is IGBO - the first people who were on earth before (Homo Sapiens) Adam was created 200,000 years ago (according to Mt.DNA research). The recent discovery of Y-Chromosome of a South Carolina African American from the South-East Nigeria/Niger Congo area, whose genes date beyond 300,000 years (and was described by geneticists as "older than Adam"), proves my thesis that IGBOs lived before Adam. Now it is this ESHI/NSHI seed (our divine DNA) that the British are targeting to put down and put out, by tricking us into demonizing it, thus turning our own SPIRIT against us and vice versa. They promptly changed the image of God, Yashaya, (the incarnation Melu-chi-eze-dikia), Mary (Idemili) and Micha-El (Mma ike Ele - the Warrior), Gabri-El (Gabara Ele Ozi - the Messenger), Uri-El (Uri-Ele - the Writer of sacred texts, for Uri means Uli) from black to white. In Sumerian language, ESH means "Lord of Mankind". That is wht IGBO means. ELE is the that Group Soul of the IGBO cavemen - the ESHI/NSHI GOD, who we also call CHUKWU ABIAMA. He is a cave-dwelling God. Ekwensu (Ekwe-Nshi -'War Drum of the Eshi) is his defensive aspect. You now know why we lost a just war!!! We were praying to the same god our opressors were praying to, without knowing that the foreign religions and their gods are set against us. We are the main targets of these religions of the Nephilim/Annunaki with white supremacist ideologies, for IGBO means IDU, and both words mean "The Mysterious Incomprehensible Black One"! Ndi Igbo matanu onwe unu. He who doesn't know where the rain started beating him....." Source, Prof. Catherine Acholonu (R.I.P.)... So, what is Christianity, or other religion`s/believe - system`s??? Nothing i will follow...
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